What is Go Au Pair doing about the Coronavirus (COVID-19)? (FAQ)

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TitleWhat is Go Au Pair doing about the Coronavirus (COVID-19)? (FAQ)
SummaryFrequent questions to Go Au Pair about the 2019 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Situation.
(last updated July 22, 2020)
About the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Our commitment is to keep our entire community informed on the impacts the COVID-19 response has specific to the Au Pair Program.  Addressing the health, safety and welfare of our participants and preserving the objectives and spirit of the Au Pair Program remain our top priority.  We encourage Host Families, Au Pairs, Local Area Representatives, International Representatives and our staff at Headquarters to stay informed on the precautions and risks related to COVID-19. 

The most current impacts to the Au Pair program include the Presidential Proclamation from June 22, 2020 suspending J1 visas for Au Pairs until 2021 and National Interest Exception.  See below for more information on both:
Presidential Proclamation Temporarily Suspending J Visas for Au Pairs (FAQ)

Next Steps for National Interest Exception Waiver (FAQ)

In general, Go Au Pair relies on the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO) and local and national governments for the latest information on COVID-19 response and precautions.  We also trust and rely on the personal decisions made by our Families, Au Pairs and the Go Au Pair Community worldwide.  We appreciate everyone’s understanding and flexibility as we make the most of the situation and continue to monitor and adapt to the fast-changing decisions made by governments, organizations, institutions, and companies worldwide responding to concerns over the COVID-19.

FAQs by Family & Au Pair circumstance

Au Pairs Applying or Available & Families Looking for an Au Pair
Au Pairs Applying or Available to Match Still in Home Country (FAQ)  
We love all of our Au Pair applicants!  Yes, you can still match with an Au Pair and we have both In Country and Out of Country Au Pairs available.  

Matched Families & Au Pairs Arriving into America
**** Presidential Proclamation 10014, extended on June 22, 2020, temporarily suspends new J visas for Au Pairs until December 31, 2020 **** 
Presidential Proclamation Temporarily Suspending J Visas for Au Pairs (FAQ)

Matched Au Pairs Arriving into America (FAQ)  
Temporary delays obtaining visas and temporary travel delays arriving into the U.S.

Au Pairs Attending the Success Workshop (FAQ)  All Success Workshops for 2020 are cancelled including Virtual sessions.  We are regularly re-evaluating the situation and look forward to resuming our original live Success Workshop as soon as possible.

Family & Au Pairs in Active Placements in the U.S. 
Au Pairs & Host Families in an Active Placement – Day-to-Day (FAQ)  Frequent communication is key to success for Families and Au Pairs

Au Pairs & Host Families in an Active Placement – Program Logistics (FAQ)  Educational requirement, group events, domestic and return travel, accident & illness insurance.

Au Pairs nearing the end of their Program (FAQ)  Risks to return travel back home, options for Families and Au Pairs delayed returning home, Accident & Illness Insurance for extended stays in the U.S.

Precautions and Procedures for the entire Go Au Pair Community
Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 or SARS-CoV-2 is the virus causing the disease called Corona Virus Disease 2019 or COVID-19. 

High-Risk Individuals
The CDC and WHO have identified people at high risk for serious illness from COVID-19 to include older adults and people with serious chronic medical conditions.  Ongoing research in this area continues at a rapid pace and we encourage the Go Au Pair community to review the numerous sources from the internet for the latest.

Understand the everyday preventative actions recommended by the CDC and the WHO's standard recommendations for limiting the spread.  We encourage Families and Au Pairs to discuss together as a family the precautions you feel most comfortable with. 
The White House has issued safe practices and precautions in the 30 Days to Slow the Spread and can also be referenced..  We encourage all participants to review and follow the recommendations coming from the White House, Local governments and the CDC and WHO.

Procedures if symptoms appear
The CDC provides the following steps to anyone who thinks they may have symptoms of COVID-19.

Go Au Pair Headquarters
The duration of the COVID-19 response is uncertain but we have experience with the dependencies between temporary restrictions based on the sequence of events from February and March.  The below is a theoretical exploration into how local areas, the country and worldwide re-openings could work.
How long will Go Au Pair's operations be impacted? (FAQ)

We are committed to preserving the spirit and mission of the Au Pair Program during this exceptional time.  Go Au Pair continues to service Host Families and Au Pairs during the COVID-19 response while also following the CDC’s Guidance for Businesses and the Utah Department of Health's guidance to help prevent workplace exposures.   We have reduced our offices hours this summer and are open Monday through Thursday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (mountain time).  We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as we regularly adjust.   The entire Go Au Pair Community can expect the same high quality service from Headquarters as always.

A Message from Go Au Pair's Executive Director (FAQ)
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