Au Pairs Applying or Available to Match Still in Home Country (FAQ)

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TitleAu Pairs Applying or Available to Match Still in Home Country (FAQ)
SummaryWe have Au Pairs available worldwide and all are available to match.
(last updated June 23, 2020)
Impacts from Presidential Proclamation 10014
New J visas for Au Pairs are temporarily suspended due to Presidential Proclamation 10014, updated on June 22, 2020.  Read here to learn more: Presidential Proclamation Temporarily Suspending J Visas for Au Pairs (FAQ)

Options Au Pairs
  1. Wait until 2021.  If you have flexibility with your plans, we encourage you to remain available to potential families.  You can still interview and match with a Host Family even if your visa cannot be applied for until 2021.
  2. Remove your profile.  Contact the Agency in your home country if you wish to withdraw your application.

Options for Host Families
  1. Wait until 2021.  Host Families with flexible child care timeframes are encouraged to interview and match with an Au Pair knowing arrival will likely not be until 2021.
  2. Place your search on hold.  Host Families may also put their search on hold and revisit Au Pair child care again in the new year.

We still love all of our Au Pair applicants and have Au Pairs available worldwide and all are available to match.  Although the proclamation and other suspensions will likely delay Au Pair arrival, we encourage Host Families with flexible time frames to interview and match with an Au Pair.

Matched Au Pairs Arriving into America (FAQ)

Go Au Pair continues to recruit and screen Au Pairs to participate in the Au Pair Program.  Our available Au Pairs typically come from the following regions:
Central & South America = 77%
Africa = 8%
Europe = 4%
Asia & Pacific = 11%

If I match with an Au Pair and then cancel, is there a penalty fee?
Yes.  When you match with an Au Pair you begin a commitment that invites him or her to leave their home, travel to the U.S. and live with you as a member of the family.  The Au Pairs is removed from all other families looking for Au Pairs, including families strongly considering the applicant you just chose!  

A penalty fee is charged when a match is cancelled at the decision of the family, either before visa paperwork is issued or after.  The fee exists to discourage non-committal matches which hinder an Au Pair’s chances to participate in the program and to cover the work of Go Au Pair and our partners in processing a match.  Speak with your Placement Coordinator to understand the financial obligations of breaking a match.  ***In response to the Presidential Proclamation updated on June 22, 2020, Go Au Pair is enabling Host Families to apply the penalty fee as a credit towards a future placement.***

Is Go Au Pair screening Au Pairs for COVID-19?
No, we are not testing or screening Au Pairs or Host Families for COVID-19 as part of the application process.  We will respond accordingly if Department of State regulations or other federal or state rules require any sort of testing.  At this time, we have no indication mandatory testing will occur.  Au Pairs continue to provide a physician’s report as part of normal regulations for the program.  We encourage Host Families and Au Pairs to discuss during the interview process the COVID-19 screening measures each is comfortable with.

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